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1969   Opening first store in Santpoort-Zuid;
1970   First fashion and beautyproduction for Libelle Magazine;
1975   Member of Intercoiffure;
1980   Opening store in Haarlem (2nd store);
1981   Till 1985 fashion- & beautyproductions voor Libelle Magazine, Margriet Magazine, a.o.
1985   First make-over for Viva Magazine; Presentation ‘Choppy line’ for Intercoiffure Mondial;
1989   Artistic director for ‘Intercoiffure The Netherlands’;
1990   Artistic director of ‘Intercoiffure Mondial’;
1991   First make-over for Libelle Magazine;
1993   Received “World Masters Award” from The Art & Fashion Group in New York;
1994   Opening store in Heemstede (3rd store); Celebration of 25 years hairstylist anniversary;
1995   Opening store in Haarlem ’Metamorfose Shop’ (4th store); Cooperation with REDKEN;
1999   Opening store in Alkmaar (5th store);
2001   Opening of the stores in Den Bosch and Amsterdam (6th & 7th store);
2004   Opening store in Hoorn (8th store); Opening Rob Peetoom Academy; 
           Received Global Salon Business Award ‘Cliënt Filosophy’;
2005   Opening store in the Bijenkorf – Amsterdam (9th store);
           Received Esthetica Design Award for Salon Amsterdam;
2006   Opening store in Utrecht (10th store);
2007   Introduction ‘Anastasia brow-treatment’ from Anastasia Soare - Hollywood;
2008   Opening store in Rotterdam (11th store); Opening store in Eindhoven (12th store);
2009   40th Jubilee in Tuschinsky - Amsterdam with Paris Hilton; 
           Presentation of his book ‘Bring out your inner Beauty’ in Tuschinsky;
           Opening Hair + Beauty in Utrecht (13th store);
2010   Presentation of his magazine ‘RP Personal Style’ with Ilse Delange;
           Appointed to ‘Knight of the Order of Orange Nassau’ in The Haque;
2011   2nd Edition of his magazine ‘RP Personal Style’ with Sylvia Geersen; 
           3rd Edition of his magazine ‘RP Personal Style’ with Fiona Heering;
           Opening store at Bali: Rob Peetoom Hair Spa(14th store);
2012   4th Edition of his magazine ‘RP Personal Style’ with Paris Hilton
2013   Opening salon Rob Peetoom Hair + Beauty De Bijenkorf the Hague (15th store);
           5th Edition of his magazine 'RP Personal Style' with Carice van Houten

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